About Needs & Interests

I like to help. I feel a natural attraction toward supporting the needs and interests of others – and by doing that I am meeting my needs and interests too.  Along the way I discovered a great profession!

It’s all been about needs and interests.  My biggest accomplishments have come when I’ve found new and interesting ways to match the needs and interests of organizations with the needs and interests of their supporters.  In the end someone or someplace gets helped from all the helping.

I’ve worked with many great organizations and worked for many inspiring people.  The collective experiences and wisdom I’ve gained feeds everything I do.  And now, through Mike Benzin Developments, I get to share that with more than one organization at a time.

I’ll never be a millionaire, but we don’t need money to feel like one.  Just find a passion, feed it, and watch it grow. The fruits of these labors feed me and my community.

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