What makes a special event so, well, special?

It’s the way the little things feed off the big things to make everything even bigger!

It’s the event chair, who’s one of the first volunteers to arrive and last to leave, getting his hands dirty and lovin’ it.

It’s the executive director rolling four-foot tables down the hall, looking chipper in his sport coat, long after the last guest has gone home.

It’s the staff working well beyond their job description to make things happen, from securing beer to coordinating signs to wrapping & delivering baskets to accounting for all the pennies and dimes.

It’s the staff’s event director absolutely owning the event, which is reflected in how well everything is pulled off.

It’s the board of directors marshaling all their resources to find sponsors, secure volunteers and sell tickets.

It’s the mobile kitchen manager rolling up his sleeves to not only ensure every dish is hot and ready-to-go, but helping pick up all the pieces at the end of the night when he didn’t have to.

It’s the event steering committee, helping navigate every turn on the event’s path from start to finish.

It’s the way all try to integrate the agency’s mission into the event to give it a heightened purpose.

It’s the sponsors acting not like sponsors, but like partners in a great endeavor.

It’s the dozen or so students from multiple colleges hustling to make sure the guests realize the most positive of experiences.

It’s the way insurmountable challenges are achieved and last-minute emergencies solved.

It’s the outstanding support of the venue – allowing a great place to do business by day become an even greater place to wine and dine by night.

It’s the selfless support and fine cookin’ by the event’s chefs complimented by the best samplings of our favorite local restaurants.

It’s the designers, printers, mail houses, rental companies, florists, and entertainers all rowing in the same direction.

It’s the cool beverages we used to wash it all down followed by the richly rewarding cup of joe we drank to energize our drive home.

And it’s the guests and supporters who, believing in the agency, open up their purses & wallets to make sure the program has what it needs when the next troubled soul picks up the phone for help.

It’s all of this, and so much more.

It’s MEN Who COOK 2011 closing the doors on a great night.  Congratulations!  Bravo!

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